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Dr. Lavi's 's "ideas stayed with me all these years & helped me... through an even more frightening time of horrific cancer treatments.  I would not be who I am today without her help & guidance." 

-L. D., Client 

Dr. Barbara Lavi

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lavi, a Licensed Psychologist since 1978, worked & trained in the Boston area before moving to Westport, CT in 2000.  She holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Child Psychology & a Doctorate in Professional Psychology.  While in Boston, she consulted to Lawrence, Methuen, Andover & Burlington public schools, was on the staff of Harvard Community Health Plan, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, & was Clinical Director of The Delphi Center of Burlington.
     Dr. Lavi founded ACT Now Psychotherapy utilizing her unique active, creative, time-sensitive approach to therapy.  Creativity is an integral part of Dr. Lavi’s life & her therapeutic approach.  Music, dance, writing & crafts are hobbies that have been utilized in her work with children, as well as adults. She also writes songs & has organized creativity enhancement workshops for other writers.
     She tailors her work to meet each client’s unique needs.  Drawing from a wide range of expertise & experience, she collaboratively develops the best therapeutic plan for each client.  Clients are actively involved in the process. Time-sensitive therapy is as brief as possible, but the therapeutic relationship lasts for a lifetime.  Depending on the issues addressed, some clients may be in therapy for a few months while others may come for a few years.  After completing a segment of therapy, over the years, clients often return for a tune up or to consult about a new issue or life challenge.  Each time a client returns, therapy tends to be briefer.
     Dr. Lavi works with children & adults utilizing individual, couple, family, & group therapy.  She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis & EMDR. Her areas of specialization include: divorce, anxiety, fears, phobias, loss, illness & trauma.  Dr. Lavi currently maintains a private practice in Weston, CT.

Best Selling Author

In The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, Dr. Lavi shares cutting-edge techniques which she developed as a Staff Psychologist & Coordinator of both the Child & Trauma Teams at Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, Clinical Director of the Delphi Center in Burlington MA & in her private practices in Boston & Connecticut.
"Witnessing my clients as they achieved amazing transformations & accomplishments inspired to write this book."  Dr. Barbara Lavi, Clinical Psychologist,
Author of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge


The book became a #1 Best seller on Kindle in two categories, self help & psychology/dreams.
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Dr. Barbara Lavi

Dream Positioning System™

15 Beaver Brook Road Weston, CT


M-F 10 A.M. - 7 P.M. By appointment only